Permits Processing and Inspection

Your installation permit will be filed with the City or County in which your home is registered.  We pull information from the property appraiser website and proceed to process the permit accordingly.

The following steps will take place with your installation permit:

1) Sign the permit application.

  • Get permit application signed back to us by email or US Postal Mail. We will provide the permit application to you.  Certain jobs will also require a notice of commencement signed by you and we will provide this form as well.

2) Schedule the day of the inspection

  • The permit department will schedule with you.  The inspector could arrive between the hours of 8:00 am until 5:00 pm on the day of the inspection.  The inspection usually takes less than 30 minutes but someone will need to be at the property during the hours as we are unable to tell in advance in which time slot your inspection will take place.  We can have a representative from Aurora Air, Inc. at your property the day of the inspection to wait for the inspector for an additional fee $150.00.  This fee includes the cost of the day of the team member sent to your house for the inspection.  

3) The day of the Inspection

  • Your permit card must be posted in a visible area (front door) for the inspector. Aurora Air, Inc. will provide it the permit card. The area of the condenser and air handler must be free of objects that impede the access to them.

For additional information please call us at 407-574-5717 

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