How It Works

Shopping online for your air conditioner is easy with New Air Conditioner Orlando.  Simply choose a product if you know the size and type or order a FREE in-Home consultation.

Following the steps for each transaction:

1) Buy your equipment online

2) Schedule Scope of Work Appointment

  • Upon your purchase, you will be contacted within 30 minutes to schedule a scope of work "in-home" appointment to be set within 24 hours of your purchase or as convenient to you.   

3) Schedule installation

  • Installations are regularly scheduled within 48 hours for emergencies or your preferred date of installation will be set.

4) The Day of the Installation

  • Aurora Air, Inc.'s installation crew will arrive at 8:30 am and work until 5:00 pm with most installations being completed in 1 day. 

5) Schedule City/County Permit Inspection

  • Aurora Air, Inc.'s. permit processing agent will contact you to make arrangements for the city or county inspection.

6) Receive your Product and Labor Warranty Certificate Registration

  • You will receive an email containing all your warranty registrations.

7) Schedule Tune-ups

  • Optional, but highly recommended step, 6 months after the installation and every 6 months thereafter perform regular PM Tune-ups on the system to ensure the continued outstanding comfort performance of your equipment. 

For additional help call 407-574-5717.


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